Friday, 11 April 2014

cops and robbers

Here is a picture of a game that I was playing called cops and robbers .it took me me 2 guesses to find the robber.

Fiafia 2014

paragraph one:
I felt very nervous  when i walked in to school yesterday. I went with my mum and my little sister.Then it was time to go to our changing rooms my room is in room 14 for Hip Hop. Miss Thompson gave some bandanas out .After that it was time to sit down in front of the stage.

Paragraph Two:
I loved the senior hip hop performance and the middle hip hop as well.I liked the senior hip hop because i liked their songs,their moves and there costumes. I liked the middle hip hop because i liked their timing And there bandanas.

Paragraph Three:

I feel like I want to go again and again. i am hoping next time I can be in the jump jum or kapahaka.

The seal in the driveway

What did dad run back into the house to get?sams dad got a broom and sam got a rubbish bin lid  

What did mum say about seals?sams mum said there really was a seal in our driveway.  

What was Sam trying to do with the rubbish bin lid?he cried to get the seal into the water.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The white-tailed spider

Explain why swimming is important

learning how to swim?Learning how to swim it is important. To swim one rosins to learn how to swim i will explain three of them to you. Paragraph Two: one of the rosin why swimming is important is because new Zealand has one of the worst drowning in the world. Paragraph Three: New Zealand is the smallest country in the world.New Zealand is surrounded by water.There is lots of lakes,pools,streams if you don’t know how to swim you can go to your local pools.