Thursday, 31 July 2014

being a champoin

Today in  C.R.E miss Clark showed us a athlete named Peter Snell.Peter Snell said If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well and also peter Snell won five medals two from the Commonwealth games and three from the Olympics.

diving in the pool

Yasmin couldn't dive into the pool. She kept doing it wrong and one of the boys was laughing at her. She was embarrassed. Her mum was going to teach her. Yasmin’s mum taught her how to dive and pretend that there were springs on her feet. She did it! Yasmin is now going to participate in the swimming Carnival.

XX commonwealth games

The commonwealth games are also known as the friendly games.It is a motley sport event that happens every four years and is hosted in different construes around the world in 2010 the  games were haled in daily India. The.The next games are going to be haled in 2018 Gold coast Australia. 6VbAA4ya3/fa180fd67314b49b   

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Zealand at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

So far New Zealand have 11 gold 9 silver and 11 bronze. The total medals they have are 31. They are currently sitting at 5th  on the medal table just under Scotland One person that won Gold is  for Webster. A different person that won Silver is A.coutts for swimming. And P.bezzoubenko for Gymnastics Rhythmic won Bronze.

The 2014  Commonwealth Games started on 23 July and will finish on 03 August.
My favourite sport in the Commonwealth Games is Shooting. New Zealand athletes are competing in shooting and swimming. One of the athletes in the New Zealand team that is taking part in the Games  is Edward .b in Cycling track.

when we saw harold

Have you been to the Life Education Caravan before? Every year we go to learn about ways of keeping our bodies healthy and safe. Last week on Tuesday,our class walked to the Life Education caravan for our session. Lynn was our teacher and she talked to us about how we can help our bodies grow.

we are learning how our bodies grow.I am going to tell you five things that we need for our bodies to grow.The first thing is you have to drink five-six cups a day.The second thing is you have to the right foods like your fruit, vegetables,vitamins and minerals.The third thing is you have to have lots of sleep for at least eight hours a day.Number four and five is oxygen and fitness.

After that Lynn told us to write down foods that we have in our culture. there was tonga, Maori , Samoan,Cook Island,Afghanistan then we had to sick them up on the wall .Then we sat down a listen to tam the plastic doll when i saw her i went
‘ewww’.She showed us the parts of her body she showed us the gallbladder a the big intestine and the large intestine.

I really enjoyed writing all the foods that we eat I'm looking forward to the next lesson with Lynn.   

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

rally helmet

We’ve been reading a story about Zac and his neighbour who has a rally car. Here is my design of a helmet.

Friday, 25 July 2014


Game on!

This term we are going to learn about the commonwealth games here is my title card.

peters travel to wellington

This week we have been learning about Length.To learn about kilometres,we use Google maps .We had to find out how many kilometres is there from Auckland to Wellington.The answer is 650.

We found out that there are  650 kilometres from Auckland to tau-po

Thursday, 24 July 2014

living the right way

Doing the right thing even when it's hard will always be the best choice. My favourite part was when the angles helped Daniel not get eaten by the lions.

rally race

We’ve been reading a story about Zac and his neighbour who has a rally car. Here is my design of a rally car.

My amazing holidays

Did you enjoy the holidays? On July the 4th pt england school finished. It was the first day of the holidays me and my sisters went to my dads house in Papakura.

My grandad took me, my sister and my mum to ten pin bowling at 2:30.Then my grandad went home to pick up my dad and my sister Teana-lee. Next we all went to get some coins to play some games in the arcade because there were some games there as well.

At 3:20pm we started to play bowling it went Kelsey,Me,Teana-lee,My dad,My mum thats how it went in order. then my mum paid for two games but everybody was getting tired so we went home. The next week on friday we went to play at the park for a little while. after that we went to my aunt's house and stayed the night, the next day we just stayed home.

My favorite part of my holiday was when me and my family went to ten pin bowling. i was very tired. i hope next time we play, i will win.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bend,stretch and leap

This story was about Tommy who enjoyed learning ballet. Some boys were being mean to him and Tommy missed ballet class. Greg Stanley a basketballer said that Tommy was good at basketball because of the skills he learned in ballet. Here is an advice column for Tommy.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

C.R.E good choices

today in C.R.E we went into buzz groups of 3 we had to talk about other things on the paper.Some groups had different questions and some had different Answers and we talk about Daniel and these two kings but only one king took over the contrary.