Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia 2014

paragraph one:
I felt very nervous  when i walked in to school yesterday. I went with my mum and my little sister.Then it was time to go to our changing rooms my room is in room 14 for Hip Hop. Miss Thompson gave some bandanas out .After that it was time to sit down in front of the stage.

Paragraph Two:
I loved the senior hip hop performance and the middle hip hop as well.I liked the senior hip hop because i liked their songs,their moves and there costumes. I liked the middle hip hop because i liked their timing And there bandanas.

Paragraph Three:

I feel like I want to go again and again. i am hoping next time I can be in the jump jum or kapahaka.


  1. You performed really well for Hip Hop this year.

  2. Hey,
    My name is Ben Mayfield and I am a student at the Univeersity of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your blog post about the hip hop event that you participated in. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Your paragraphs are structured very well, I can see that you are doing well in your writing. I'm sure that next time you can be in Jump Jum or Kapahaka it sounds like you are good at what you do. Thank you for sharing.


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