Wednesday, 17 September 2014

cross country

Yesterday it was cross country. First we had to get changed into our cross country clothes then we had to line up in the court.Our school is divided into house colours my house color is (red) Te Awra there were other colors like tainui (blue) ,maraatartua (green) Takitimu,(yellow).

Gates where you can see whaea saf saying  
‘‘finish  it off . we could see the finish line from a distance.With a final burst of energy i ran 100%,sprinting across the field.I ran through the playground on to the playground and past the finished line I came 10th place.   

At the end i was relieved because cross country was finally over .all the girls had big drink of water.

drink of water and they all looked tired after the run .My goal was to not come last out of the run.      

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